This is a very nicely constructed headset and the lower cup height is exactly the eleven-millimeters they said it would be. It’s lighter than my previous Ritchey Pro.The pieces are definitely milled from a solid piece and it all fits together tightly. The bearings glide very well. I can also see the areas of contact have been given angular and flat smooth places, so when the cups are pressed in, there are no rounded corners or funny flanges. Everything with a surface has another surface to match on this headset. Even the top cap has a flat area for spacers to sit and for the top star-nut cap to match. Once installed, it will look very nice and be exactly what I’m looking for. Many¬†folks have commented it’s as good or better than a Chris King headset but for much less money because, face it, Chris King has a brand name. What does IRD know? Well, the people who make this headset is the Tange company, the folks who bring you great steel bicycle tube sets for makers around the world. Tange Prestige, the metal of my Smoothie frame. They kinda know exactly what they’re doing.



In case you were wondering, they do have many many colors to pick from, as well as matching color spacers if you pick something interesting. I found mine online for just over $72.

Now to wait for my fork. Nine days after ordering, it finally shipped out of The Netherlands to the USA. We will see how long before it passes through customs and then to my door. A shame because I’m relly anxious to get this thing together. I’ll just have to build the rest of it today and then celebrate Forking-Day next week.