Crank is in with a brand new bottom bracket. I also discovered a total score on my side. I thought it was a 9-speed set-up all over the bike; the seller wasn’t sure but he counted nine clicks, pronounced it a nine speed, and then threw in the cranks. Turns out It’s a 10-speed hodge-podge of parts. What a nice surprise!

So, whose coming up now, eh world?

As it sits in this picture, it had just come back from the local shop. (Next on my list is a bottom bracket wrench) The only things of mine on this bike are the wheels, tires, pedals, and cassette. All were laying around like do-nothing teenagers. I picked them up and made them contribute. What I have is a race bike. The chain-rings are 53/39 and the rear cassette is a 12-26. I rode it around the block to get the feel of the configuration again. I’m not the shape I was in the past, but if I had the power, this would let me release it. And those gears are tallll.

I still find the use of the most teeny gearing on my Soma Smoothie. It’s probably five pounds heavier than this CAAD9 but then I’m also thirty pounds heavier than I ever was a few years ago so it’s a moot point. But that gearing is far far off from this in a 39 x 26 instead of a 34 x 32. I do need gears to climb. I do need a bigger cassette no doubt, but the crank teeth…what are the options?

FSA makes a compatible 38 tooth inner ring I can put on and with a 32 tooth cassette in back, I can easily find myself with much better climbing ability. That should work out on the indoor trainer. Otherwise A crankset swap would be next.

Shopping list is as follows (at minimum):

(1) 10 spd 11-32t cassette, (2) mid-cage Ultegra 6700 rear mech and (3) a 10spd chain….possibly the 38t inner chainring.

That plan will take me right into a 2010+ era. Ordering a CAAD9 4 at that time, when it was a new bike, would have gained an Ultegra 6700 group of which this mostly would be today with fresh gears. Old will probably be part of this bike’s nickname.

Old Blackfast?

The total cost of this bike could easily be only $500. For a great bike, that isn’t bad at all. Aaaand…10 speed wheels are getting cheaper and cheaper. Hello nicer wheels in the future if I wish to race this sucker anywhere.