105crankDon’t get me wrong, the hybrid 53/38 Ultegra 6600 crank is awesome. I just happen to be near 230 pounds and live in hills and would like to train hills as well on the incoming basement trainer. I won’t be able to really work that on a 38t inner ring. So with the miracle of fall clearance sales, I’m swapping it for a 105-5800 crankset. A brand new one. for under $100.

This will change the aesthetic from grey to black. My Soma is already all black and this will be another all black bike. Neither one are carbon! It just happens that way. I would have bought a silver crank but it was $13 more and this bike isn’t about looks. It’s a training bike.

So what about the naysayers about 11-speed parts on a 10-speed setup? Well, you have to look at the practical use of each part. The shifting of all parts in the back is 11-speed specific so that won’t work on a 10. But the front? No problem. The shifting of a front derailleur is no difference between the 11 or 10-speed types because in the front it’s 2 speeds across the types. Also, the internet reviews and forums declare loudly that running an 11 speed crankset with a 10 speed chain has zero problems. So, problem solved. I’ll use the bike again on the road with the new crank and a front derailleur adjustment. (That dura ace 7800 FD is so buttery awesome.) And then I’ll have something done and capable of training my behind all winter long. If I wish to go race it, I can grab a set of 52/36 rings. Done.

Bikes are awesome.