What is this?

[ Edit: I have two blogs. This, and a writing blog here of fiction. Please check it out. The 40th chainring has been semi-dormant but will occasionally meet with a new post. It’s past it’s year of intent so I will keep going. It’s for the over 40 experience.]

This is not a mid-life crisis. Let’s get that straight right now. It may seem like it as I’m about 40 and this is a record of the next 12+ months until my 41st birthday, but within that year I will be showing my kids that outdoor life is a good thing. I will be getting the next level up (better job if they like me) in my profession and through my motivation to do all of this, I am accidentally motivating others around me. My 40th year will be spent training on the bike, or whatever horrible or awesome hotel bike equivalent I can find, to become as good as I can be. I’m trying to be as serious as my life will allow, but never sacrificing the family time or family life. I will be doing everything a normal husband has to do to take care of his family and home. The goal is going from being winded going upstairs to answer the phone, to exploring just how good I can be on the bike when I turn 41. I have a life full of family and work with little time for much else, just like a regular person out there working hard. The end of this cycle will coincide with the start of the Cyclocross season of 2014 outside of Denver. How good can someone become in a year? that is what I am about to find out and record here. I’m starting from Zero at 241 pounds. What I am already doing is having an affect on the people around me. Perhaps others can find some of that if they would like to read the posts. This next year is a cycle of the chainring. 12 months recording my progress of ups and down in just trying to get time on a bike. Once around to my 41st birthday. Other people have much tougher challenges in life but this one is mine. I hope it can encourage others.


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