About a year ago at this time I was fighting through a bad sinus infection. As soon as I resumed exercise I bummed my knee and was out another 2-weeks, couldn’t even pedal. How is that different from this year? Well, i hit the weights two months earlier than before. I also got sick about a month earlier than last time. I’ve been taking care of myself but when a cough gets terrible, feels like you can’t get at what’s causign it down deep, and then gets diagnosed as minor Broncitis, it kind of stops everything. I quit training for two weeks to prepare for a commpany recurrent training event, got the cough, called off work sick after a week and then was prescribed an albuterol inhaler. You know, the kind that asthamatics get and the unnscrupulous racers use. It helped. In the end, after I was all done with bronchitis, it had turned itself into a basic cold for another week.

At November’s end, after Thanksgiving weekend, I began the work prep and as nearr as I can count, I didn’t train for probably seven weeks. Also, everything gained had been undone. I start over. I target core. that’s my weak area and also is for many others but mine is obviously robbing power and raising the heart rate. If I had a solid structure to work from, I would see big gains this year. So off I go.

The goal was to prepare for the boulder-roubaix race that I performed so dreadful at last year. The data showeed 170bpm/250 watts avg for an hour. I was spent. It was a Cat.5 and 40+ group. the winner averaged 23mph. 5 is weird and full of not really new guys. New to racing yes.

I was goig to show up this year, actually as prepared as anyon with a full time and terrible job schedule can be, but with the goal of a 192 pound race weight and some kind of real gas tank. Not so much now. I guess I’ll do what I can and still race it and run mid-pack but anything more is delusional. I’ll target some races in the summer for fun and joy and experience and use all this time to get ready for Cyclocross. We know how nice my schedule played with that. With any luck, I’ll get a call from a different airline with an offer and I would be ecstatic to let them screw up my summer cycling plans. I would appreciate that. The constant low level worry and self-pressure of waiting for that call is just one more load on the shoulders to carry. Along with that is relief for the retirement plan and the family provisions.

So, along with that, I havve to decide what to do with the bikes hanging in the garage. what do I keep. What do I sell. The Paketa is proving to be-well-uncertain. Did I really gain anything with it? It’s appearing to be destinned for a set of aero bars and TT use if It continues to behave the way I think it’s behaving. The CAAD9 is great but I want to get out of the 3×9 triple set up. Without bottles and my decent wheels it’s right around 18 pounds. the cross bike is great but a ighter frame would be nice. Weight for me is not a paramount issue but in a cross bike it is…heaving it up on the shoulder or picking it up for the barriers is a concern. a few pounds matter there and in that particular frame, it’s more. So, I could look for a cross frame I like and grab one, then sell a 2009 Fuji crosscomp frame to prety much nobody interested. I just built the Paketa but I could try to move it on for what I put into it then throw the CAAD9 out there as well and pony up another $500 for a Domane carbon Trek or C’dale Synapse. One racy enduro bike for everything would work vey well. Decisions squared.