I installed a Ritchey Pro headset. the local bike shop had one. Machined cups and familiar looking replaceable bearings. I greased everything up properly and everything seated right in. Very smooth. So now it sits absolutely the way it will sit when built. Now, that’s another thing. This frame only fits 23c tires. I put my wheel on with the 25c Continentals and the rear rubbed ever so slightly on the rear brake mount. I don’t want to race this thing on 23c gatorskins, they already feel kinda concretey in 25c form. However; the LBS man did comment on how he heard these thigns were supposed to ride, so…I might not be in bad shape. As it is now in the picture on 23’s, you see a trainer tire on back and some leftover slick on the front. The clearance is perfect. I guess a happy medium would be 24’s…

Since it was finally sitting properly, I put it right next to the CAAD9, bottom bracket to bottom bracket. The chainstays to the rear wheel are the exact same length. So, 408-410mm. Very good for power production and climbing. the seat tube is definitely slacker back a degree and will take up the rest of my seats adjustability. the headtube is also slacker by about a degree and with a fork rake of 2mm less than the 45 of the CAAD, the front wheel is still out slightly ahead. this is definitely a bit relaxed in ride, but that’s what it’s about. Long range cruise missile rides. The tubes are ovalized so there’s a degree of an aero component. If I wanted to, I could definitely get away with some TT bars.

Given the location of the stem and position, I can use a 100mm stem right way and know that’s what I’ll need. Waht angle I’m not sure about.

One thing I’m just dying to get are a set of Mavic Cosmic Carbone’s. Pictured below:

mavic carbone

Now tell me that this bike wouldn’t be outright startling to look at if not quite possibly extremely fast. Someone is selling them for $300. The worry I have is the spoke count. 16 front and rear. Again, I’m not a small guy. These reportedly weigh 1600g, heavy for an aero carbon set but they are very stiff, very fast and very responsive. If I had not already bought a set of Easton wheels with store credit, I would get these now and try not to be so heavy.

God, it would look good on those. Perhaps I’ll have to get a set of Boyd 44’s in the spring.

I already can’t wait to get it rideable. I need $500 for the Shimano 5800-105 11-speed build kit. I’m thinking Silver right now but if you think otherwise, please comment below. Until then, It’s some frame saver and small ammounts of touchup paint here and there plus some cleaning up and polishing to really make that finish look new again. It does look good when shiny. I’m estimating 17 pounds when I’m all done. The fork is listed at 500-grams. But at $50 new, holy cow what a steal. I don’t have the money to throw carbon parts all over this but a $750 total build price with a brand new 11-speed group and performance to equal some bikes costing way in the thousands…I’m doing alright. If this indeed is the ticket, the CAAD gets sold and that will cover the build costs.