I ilke them. there.

I’m about 208 pounds right now in race trim on a 21 pound bike. I have these tires mounted on a set of Specialized Roval Pave’ SL wheels. the entire package I bought off Craigslist mounted and ready to go (more on that later). The first time I ran them at the course, I put them at race pressure just to see what the characteristics would be like and as a first time corss racer, they were lovely. I set them at just under 40 psi, again I’m not a lightweight, and the bumps were soaked up. They rolled quite well and never burped air. I never felt squirmy in a straight line or indecisive in cornering at that. Now, really getting into a corner and driving through it, leaning it in and carving my line, I haven’t exactly accomplished yet. It’s coming tho, I’m getting better and better at attacking corners and each time, It holds it’s ground. I need to work on my committment to the corner to really find out their limits.

I’ve used them on packed dirt, loose dirt, sandy packed dirt, combinations of that with gravel and on some mowed grass. they’ve held decent grip there and on sand, well, did I say I’m heavy? they tracked well in sand if I put effort into holding the bars firmly and staright. Leaning back and pedaling through a slow cadence. I got through where others did not but that has to be luck.

The only issue I sort of have is durability, but that is self-induced. They are not for long distance use on firm pavement and rocky single track or where you’re likely to panic stop and slide around corners. The rear tire suffered through several downhill descents into braking where it locked up here and there and the ocacsional brake assisted pivot on one of the weirdest off camber hairpins I’ve ever seen, all on gravel pack dirt, really wore into the soft compound. It is indeed a softer compound for loose terrain grip. Just like winter car tires in the summer. Super soft compound for grip on snow and ice. So, seriously agressive use on gravel will use the tire up, otherwise It’s fantastic for cross.

Where I have raced in colorado thus far, there is no mud. not yet.