May 2015: It won’t stop raining!

I can only ride every Thursday. That’s about it. Work is primary and I only get hotel fitness for the other days. So, every tim I ride, there’s rain cells, thunder, something going on that I have to return home for. At this point i’ve been riding and diong general work to keep in shape but i’m not seeing anything change and improve. But, I AM STRONGER.

Free-weights are all I really have so now I use the 50’s. I used to use the 30’s and in the hotels, the 50 is the biggest they have. I figure I can use those for a few sets of ten sqats but when they start to feel light, I’ll just start building power and do twenty squats per set, if not jumping with them for the fast twitch muscle work. The exercise bike is usually a recumbent with a big fat seat for, well, not healthy sized people. I spin where I can and lift where I can. I’ve started to add running back in, of course if the hotel treadmill isn’t slipping or broken. I’m getting discouraged again. The good news, is my friend who moved to the area has a baby on the way and is excited for that but just ass much, excited for all the time he will have to ride and train and race. Also, we get to ride together on occasion. When he moved in, I invited him to ride with the club and it worked out. He really liked them. They’re very easy going and non-elitist. Just right.

Speaking of elitism in clubs and whatever, I happened upon a group of riders coming the other way. No wave back. No friendly gestures understanding that we’re all out on a hot day getting in the miles and not working 9-5 like everyone else that isn’t on the road. Nope. I do her a little bit of their conversation when they pass. They were in shape. In gear that meant they were possibly a semi-sponsored local club of enthusiasts.

“….yeah….but it was super-aero…”

Off they went on the other side of the road toward where I used to be. It’s now a thing I joke about. Just dropping in the phrases out of nowhere, “Dude that’s so aero! Carbon…carbon yeah…” I could utter it like rain-man when things get too quiet in a group. carbon. super-aero dude. aerooo…

Guys use my CAAD-9 in Cat.3 criteriums and win and the only thing they have are deep rim wheels, sometimes no-names from china. Time-trial guys prove that the benefits of Aerodynamics are mostly from rider position and planning ahead. But, whatever sells. What would sell a bike to me would be a compliant comfortable frame that has absolutely zero power loss on a climb or sprint. Make that bike and I’ll be there but the aero portion is nowhere near the top of my list right now. It’s weight and endurance power.


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