March 13, 2015: 41 days later, I ride. I’m okay.

So, I can finally ride again. The problem is, Whatever I was like at the end of last summer, I am nothing like that now. Talk about a cardio hit, holy crap. The end of 2014’s ride to the reservoir should have signaled to me how much i’m sliding back. the heart rate is up. this ride, I kept it in check. I didn’t need anything punishing. I needed training miles. Eh, It’s not textbook but I got in miles and didn’t feel worn out. Definitely not 100% aerobic.

33mi, avg:14mph, avg HR:148, max 180

So, a friend of mine from work has spent the winter going crazy with a training coach and trying to do things right. He spent one hundred hours just spinning easily on rollers and was working into his next level of power training after that. He just moved out to the area as well and I now have someone from work that’s in the area to ride with when his schedule matches mine. He is on fire this year and working to see as much progress as possible. He is already much faster than I but he also weighs fifty pounds less.

Other news, it’s interesting at this point to see others in this sport and their motivation. In the first post, the person who introduced me to how fun this is, is now experiencing some doubt. Last year he fell the day before a race and got bumped up pretty good on the hip and then a bit later got honked at pretty good on a group ride when traffic was getting a bit thick. With two little kids and safety a concern he started loosing the drive to get better. He was competitive and one of the faster guys in the club. The motivation wasn’t just to ride it was to be good at it. Anyway, the kids in BMX racing is his focus now and it’s turning out great! Good for the family as well when everyone’s into it.

Me. I don’t know. Let’s see how this year goes.


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