Jan.30, 2015: Thoughts on the Last ride of 2014 and ahead.

It’s been a while since the last ride. I’m 41 at this point and we know from the previous entry how theres just not been much motivation since one of the primary reasons I did all of this got taken away by terrible work-travel-commute schedules. Regardless, I went out and got on some exercise. Back to the resivoir.

I didn’t feel quite like I was pressing too hard or anything until the last ten miles or so. I will say that continental gatorskin tires are definitely heavier than the gp4000sii’s I’ve been using this summer. Its amazing how a hundred or so grams of weight of tire can make a huge difference with accelerating that whole wheel. I could feel it. This is a training tire for lasting distance and road rubbish and whatever is out there short of mountain trails and even then, you might be okay. So its heavier to resist puncture and road debris of the winter season.

Somehow, despite being probably twelve pounds heavier I set a personal best record of the climb up the switchbacks to get to the resivoir level. I had no idea until I got home. Of what I also had no idea, was how high my heart rate pounded that whole time. I Averaged 160 bpm for pretty much the whole ride. That’s not training. That’s abuse.

So, 44 miles later, id call it a successful year overall. It would have been nice to get some of those cross races in, but I guess there were other plans for me. I cant understand what those are and Id like to punch the plan makers in the face but I have to look forward.

I put in over a thousand miles this year of riding a bike and if I were to include some sort of conversion factor for the exercise bikes in hotels, that might be closer to 1,500 or possibly quite a bit more. Including a few months of last year it could be nearly 2,000. Not so bad. So, how about the future?

I looked at the calendar of events. It would be nice to ride with a group in club rides or some competitive events wouldn’t it? Just for once or something, have an event that doesn’t conflict with work. You see, I don’t work 9–5, m-f, but all events are scheduled just like if I did work normal hours. Just like normal people do. Some of us cant ever get a break. I tried to take a fencing class when I lived in Buffalo, NY, however the classes were in blocks of 4 Thursdays at a time and of course I would miss one or two of those due to schedule. If I started an athletic club for non standard working types, and walked in the door, there would be two or three people sitting on the floor drinking, “there’s not enough to start a game…have a drink.”

Thats what I’m up against. So, what do I train for? For the kids, the wife, the family, my health, my mental attitude for the most part at this point. But I do want to do something in a group. Im kind of tired of not having regular friends to meet with…regularly. This job sort of prevents that. The regular ones I have from work all live in different towns in different states and I only see them once every few weeks or months during a plane swap. I get out of my plane and walk to the next one. “Hey Dave! What’s new?”

“Oh I have two kids now.”

“Really? You didn’t have any last time I was you.”


That’s not a way to be. Dave in Detroit cant really swing by the house in Colorado to see whats up. So, hopefully ill find myself with some better trips that might allow some action here at home. There’s the occasional time trial series and some possible road races to get in on. Nothing serious, just part of a local points series that aren’t crazy big events. It might be a good time for everyone at an event if the kids can handle the area…and if the wife can handle them as well during something like that, but they are not yet two and not yet six.

So, we shall see. I have a decent beginning now, if I can just kick this cold and start riding again. In reality, its the end of January 2015, and I haven’t ridden since that resivoir trip. Time to begin again. The first real events that I might be able to even think about wont be until March. So that gives me two months to blow out my legs on weight bearing squats and lunges and put on some easy miles where possible. I have to ride smart. I can’t go kill myself right away or the body wont learn how to be efficient.

I think climbing is the next skill to work on this year. That and a 100 mile ride. Id like to do that on my own on a nice full Thursday after a trip. That’s about the only full day i’ll have for myself. Get home, get on the bike, return home one hundred miles in the bag. Eat a whole Turkey.

So, shifting to the 41st chain ring. May it pull strong.


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