February-15: Oh my tortured fitness. Soul-less evils against me.

Did you catch that in my last post? An illness I wanted to kick? Well, let’s talk about that and after. I got a pretty horrible sinus thing in the last part of January. After that post, I started to feel somewhat better because I had to call off sick for work. Flying a pressurized plane with bad sinuses is just asking for disaster. Given how hard we’ve been run lately with reschedules and max schedule assignments, I was actually enjoying being home and sick more than being healthy and at work flying jets around the country. What the hell?

Anyway, I tried to ride twice in there when I felt better. I read an interview online with a cycling coach about illness. He wouldn’t let his clients ride until they felt better. But, the day after they felt better. The body feels so good on that first day you will ride yourself into sickness again. It’s a healing day. Give yourself time and when you do ride, go light. Very light. Well, I really had no idea where my condition was so I rode light the second time. Blah.

Sick for three weeks is terrible. I went to work the third week of it and was alright but I was in no condition to throw weight around or pound out intervals on a crappy stationary recumbent. Four weeks with out anything, and I can finally get to work.

Edmonton Canada. Free weights, a treadmill, and four stories of stairs. Acceptable, I can get something done. The third dip into my second set of ten free-weight squats and my right knee gets really burning hot.


I drop everything and slowly walk around. No pain walking around. Everything feels normal. Any weight on it and I feel that hot ache. I warmed up didn’t I? I stretched. I started in on Tom Danielson’s Core Advantage. It’s good. It’s very good. Everyone has thirty minutes somewhere i their day to do it and no weights are involved. Results are felt immediately but the user has to keep doing it. Anyway, back to my knee.

I went to the staircase and started walking up the stairs. I gave one good hop up and there was no effing way I would be able to do anything with this knee. I went to my room and fifred up the Google. The quadriceps tendon attached the quad to the front of the kneecap. The pain I felt and when decoded meant I aggravated it but did not tear anything.

One day later I was in Pittsburgh. I wanted to see where the knee was on a bike machine. Nope. I couldn’t pedal without feeling little bits of heat. The day later I was laying over in Washington D.C., where I felt quite good and decided to try the squats again with a reduced load and see where I was. Dip one-good. Dip two-just a basic ache from a sore muscle anyone feels in exercise. Dip three-Campfire in my knee. Not as horrible as before but enough to make me curse in the gym and lightly limp out. My earbuds were in and I forgot others were there too.

The next week, I began to pedal again in Pittsburgh and found that if I was going slow on no resistance, around 65-70 rpm, I was just fine. Anything faster and the pain came on. I quit. Another week.

FIVE WEEKS OUT and I can finally do something again. The knee is fine and it’s nearing the end of February. I could finally get some work done-at work!


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