The non-stop mile and a cyclocross search.

Funding. That’s what makes rocket ships work. More on that in a bit.
I ran a mile. Yay, “That’s nothing new,” you might say, “That’s what you did last post.” Yes, true; however, I tried to run a mile twice since then and succeeded two days ago. I always walked in the middle of it for a tenth or so and then ran the rest and overall ended with 1.4 miles or something but I made sure I was running for a mile of distance in that total.
Two days ago I ran a non-stop mile. In the end I was not dragging, I was not out of breath, I was just running. I did not want to see how much more there was because that wasn’t my goal. Besides, If I pressed the issue I very well could be hurt, especially since I probably looked like, to quote a coaches observation of an Olympic runner from Europe, “He’s wrestling an octopus on a treadmill!”
I am back to work in the hotel weight rooms. Not as often as I would like because my curiosities are taking me online at the desk looking at cross bikes of $500 or less in a size 58cm that nobody else is, as well as a replacement notebook computer that’s dedicated to space efficient use (tablet with digitizer and removable keyboard) that is also an extreme budget that nobody offers, but I keep searching. Suddenly I am out of time to exercise and have six hours before work.
Funding. That’s the name of the game here. I just can’t spend a grand on a decent cross bike with discs AND another grand on the best tablet PC digitizer pen combo out there (Surface Pro 3, starting at a grand with a keyboard and pen). I don’t have expendable cash with two kids in day-care and a few hundred bucks a month of non-deductable commuting costs. So, I look for a well made and light frame that’s the “old” style cantilever brakes bike for $500. It looks like the Fuji Cross is that bike. It’s got very similar geometry to the Ridley X-ride or X-bow bikes and that means it will be an aggressive ride if I wish to ride that way. It is capable and durable and, well, cheap.
I just have to find something that isn’t junk, but it looks like I will be going cross-disc another year or so down the road. Or sooner once I sell my great american novel that rivals anything John Steinbeck did but is greater because I include robots and ninjas and a cold war conspiracy-on bikes.
So the search begins for the bike, for the motivation, for another ten pounds before Sept. 1st so I can say I lost 50 in a year instead of this 40 or near that I’ve been stuck at.


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