Two Mexican dinners, PB&J and a chip-seal road.

today, on this posting date, I rode when I didn’t really want to. I did it for the health and to force myself back into a routine. Ever since I had the majority of May and the first of this month off for vacation, any routine I had went out the window as I didn’t have hotels to exercise in or decent food I brought to work to eat. I did not adapt well. Needless to say, the performance I felt I was at in the early part of May I still do not feel like I have again. Only recently have I started hotel exercise again-that  being squats, lunges, free weight work with the legs, intervals on the bike for an hour and running the stairs for an average of twenty-four floors and doing that three days in a row.

This week at work I ate two Mexican dinners on consecutive nights, a McDonald’s chicken sandwich and fries last night for dinner and then for lunch today a PB&J right before I got on the bike. Oh yes I am a winner today! Setting off I’m glad my goal was just an hour and a half ride. Had I projected a 50 miler I would have been in trouble right away. First project was to burn away the sandwich. After that I realized my body was not liking this as my heart rate was screaming along at near 180 a minute most of the time, (Again, 191 is my max) if not sitting at 170 plus at all other moments. The salt I ate this week and whatever else a chimichanga smothered in cheese and a large pile  of chicken fajitas and a crispy chicken sandwich, or whatever it really was, was taking it’s toll. If I thought ahead and placed a lit Zippo behind my seat, I would have been propelled few more miles per hour.

I did get one good day in on the bike and legwork. I feel better and I’ll be back at the normal work idea next week. I plan on two riding days as well when I get home. Wednesday and Thursday back to back. We will see how that goes. Three days in a row of hotel stuff and eighty plus miles afterwards. I’ll be in good shape and I might be below 200 pounds at the end, which is right where I was before my eating tour of Buffalo, NY family vacation to Buffalo.


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