Getting back with it.

The month of May was supposed to be full of bicycle mileage and amazing high altitude cardio fitness. May proved wrong, sort of like February did. I had vacation planned. Large stacks of it. Three weeks off to myself and when my final schedule was published, I found myself working for only four days for the whole month and lucky me, another week at the beginning of June!

“Oh happy day!” I thought.

Reality happened. I have a daughter who turned five, graduated from pre-k (Why ceremonies exist for this I have no idea.) and a Birthday party that Saturday. Fine, you might say, good it’s three minor events. No problem, right? Well there’s a lot of catch up work to do with cleaning up the house and yard and making it look presentable to the parents of the kids for the party. This takes the first week. I did ride some, possibly the same amount as normal, once a week, but what I lost was the fitness room. Three days in a row of squats, lunges, bleachers out the window. I lost some power there, especially when I lost the time to ride and lost the health right before this all started.

I rode May 3rd, 5th, 6th, 13th and just now June 2nd and 6th. On May 13th I rode the wall. That’s what the route called it. Eleven miles in and there’s this long climb for a mile and a half up. I’m happy I did that, I was not the slowest of the night and I’m getting much better. After that ride the weather went cold. I built shelves in the garage and tried to clean things up a bit. Two weeks have gone and when I was at my four days of work, I finally went to the fitness center in the hotel and did my workout. The stairs killed my legs so badly I couldn’t do anything else for the next two days. I lost just enough to sustain multiple days of working out – i couldn’t do it any more. In the end, we went on a family vacation to Buffalo, NY and proceeded to eat our way through the yummy food of Chicken Finger sub sandwiches, Buffalo Wing dip, Pizza, Hot-Dogs, all specialty items that taste better there than most anywhere else. I gained five pounds.

In the end of the month I had not physically ridden the bike for three weeks and hopped on for the Ride on June 2nd. I felt pretty awful throughout but i did twenty-six miles and set a few personal bests on some segments but there were wind assisted just enough. I felt a lot better a few days after and blasted 36 miles on the 6th; averaging nearly 18mph. I rode hard enough during the first hour I started to get a little bit of tunnel vision, of course induced by a nutrition and hydration issue. A Cliff bar and a five minute stop and water helped. Over all, It was a harder ride than I thought I was doing. I’m not back to where I was yet but I’m about there after this week.

199.6 pounds. It’s working!


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