Do your own bar tape. Yes, YOU can do it yourself.

Just go to YouTube. Look at some videos. there are very nice ones at the top of the ‘bar tape’ search list. A shop will charge you $20+ for the tape and $20 to put it on – I think that’s to pay the mechanic for putting up with the job. Regardless, It’s easy. Quality bar tape is $20 from a proud of-itself-shop (or less for good stuff if you buy online) and for that money I now have Specialized black cork bar tape. I rode with it today and it is very nice. It is easy and actually a bit relaxing to do. The key is to wrap at an angle that lets the middle ‘glue’ line fall on the edge of the previous wrap of tape so you have about one-half to three-quarters of the width of the tape uncovered. That glue line in my case is a nice fat thick bead of grippy silicon rubberized stuff. That’s all you need. just use a little bit of tension as you wrap and it will hold nicely. Pay attention to the black electrical tape use when you finish. Do  it right and the electrical tape will not come up and the bar tape will be nice and firm and ready for you to force your bike to do your bidding!


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