201.4 lbs and a sinus infection

I’m loosing a week of exercise beyond general stretching and even that hurts. Good news is i’m about to go below 200 lbs. This is nice but what is crap is a sinus infection in my head. Lifting things and bending over means an exploding head wich feels like what that guy in ‘scanner’s must have felt, yes that scene. Of course this happens in my last work trip right before vacation time. I had grand pans of a morning ride almost every day for three weeks straight but that is all on hold with this sinus garbage. I started work with a sniffle and the occasional ear pop which is sometimes normal for pilots because honestly, we can work through that and things get better. (It is a sign that things could get worse. It’s 50/50 at that point but you aren’t officially sick just yet.) Well, this got worse and worse. The more time I spend under pressurization the longer it took to clear the ears and then the infection set in. I guess I can’t deal with this like I could in my 20’s. So I wait…and I won’t be ready for a group ride on Saturday of about 75 miles. I have been looking at cheap methods of acquiring spare parts to build up a cross frame and the price tag wont get any less than $500 in parts. This with the frame means an $800 bike. I need to look for used or discounted bikes if this is the case. I’m not sure I can swing that price.


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