“Nice power!” was said to me. To a friend: “That guy over there kept killing us”

Compliments are nice to hear. I’m sure it really wasn’t that wonderful. I did ride with the B-group which is not the fast guys, but at the front of the B group is a bunch of reasonably fast-er guys. 18 mph over 19 miles is nothing to scoff at. It’s not slow and it is a good effort pace and one that can add a little bit of burn to the top of the knees that’s for sure. The comments toward me I feel good about but in no way am I letting those pump up an ego. I have a frame of reference to measure with. Now, if they were said by a Category-2 or 3 Criterium racer who has monster sprinting power, then that would be another thing. Since no such person said anything like that, I’ll just feel happily satisfied that my winter exercising had a result. Every work overnight had squats holding free-weights and lunges plus an hour on an exercise bike doing intervals designed to cover me in sweat by the end. Times three or whenever the schedule let me do it. I’ve lost weight and gained muscle in the legs. I’m not sure I had this sort of muscle before there. The end result has me able to cruise at 20mph or a little bit more across flat ground for a good long while. The trick is to know when to burn the legs for a bit and when to recover and also, knowing how to do a slow recover. Where I am still cruising fast but not just letting up and going granny slow. Since everyone else is now cycling outside and there are group events taking place that I cannot attend, I will imagine the rest of the guys with regular jobs will be able to put on more miles than I. since I am also at a point where it’s time to step up the weight and increase the reps and start building power, I can’t let up now. It would be nice to have the speed to run with the A group for 30 miles by the end of the summer. I started to three-step run the hotel staircase up to the top floor twice a night. I’m starting to do more things as I don’t feel completely used up by each exercise. I am needing more so I will have to sit down and figure out a routine that maximizes my time each night at work. Look for that post coming up soon.


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