Selling things on Craigslist.

I don’t know how anything that has any kind of value can be sold on Craigslist anymore. I put the super-size CAAD9 up for sale and I am getting relentless scammers. I’m sorry but the whole point of selling something on craigslist is that it is USED and anyone paying full asking price for something used sight unseen much less having a “personal shipper” is crap. So, show up. look at it, agree to something and then either pay cash or go with me to the bank. I’ll go ebay it if i have to. The K2 was meant to subsidize the cyclocross build but if that has no interest, it will be disassembled and the drive train will be used for the cross bike. the gears and shifting components are all in good shape and paid for. Now, if the K2 sells it probably just pay for the fitting of the new replacement CAAD. There are always bike things to spend money on.


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