FAA medical exam+observations. March to March = 29 pounds

The Federal Aviation Administration says that I need to get a 1st class medical every six months. In March of 2013 I was 235 pounds and the blood pressure was 124/90. That is apparently borderline high for the Diastolic reading. In September I weighed 228 pounds with a blood pressure of 117/70. Today, I had 5 hours of sleep in a hotel in the Eastern time zone, flew home, and then stopped at the doctor’s to do this before going home for breakfast. Until then all I had in the last few hours was a thing of instant oatmeal and a cup of hot airplane tea. So as I stepped on the scale, The Physicians assistant recorded everything on the chart and subtracted the usual few pounds for the clothes I wear, and pronounced 206 pounds after the subtractions. (Once home, I stripped down the the skivvies and on my digital scale see…206.6, I also learned a t-shirt can be up to 3/4 pounds!) I guess their rule of thumb is pretty accurate. The blood pressure was 117/70, no doubt from fatigue and some salt intake after the 4-day trip. The diastolic is a nice consistent 70. The other part of the exam requires an $80 EKG every year annually. This means I lie down on my back and then I’m supposed to relax. Wires are attached across my chest and one on my lower leg. It just records my heartbeat and sends that to the FAA home office computer in Oklahoma city and then it pings back if i’m good to go or not. My resting heart rate at that moment was between 58-59 per minute. Once in a hotel room, probably 2 months ago, I had my heart rate monitor and my Garmin cycling computer/GPS with me. Just for kicks I wore it and got a reading of 55 per minute at the lowest laying on a comfy Aloft hotels bed. this gives me a heart rate range of 57 -191 to play with.

All in all, Since August, when I weighed 241 pounds ready for work in my uniform, and now 206 in my skivvies, It is safe to say I have lost over 30 pounds. I still have time to hit that even 200 by the end of March but with the way things have been + or – lately I think the only way to do that is through a lot more miles and more sweating during my hotel stays. Day three of my last trip had me jumping up the staircases 3 at a time until the 5th floor. That was a good one in addition to the hour of intervals on the bike done just before. This is working. This is good. This is it’s own motivation because when I have a day at work without exercise time I feel pretty rotten about it, and when home If I can’t get in a ride soon I start getting fidgety and restless. I think 190 pounds by fall is seriously possible, if not just under that but I just can’t ignore the muscles and taking care of them with the right food. I can’t believe I’m talking about food but as long as I stay reasonably non-toxic and don’t go off the deep end routinely having donuts with my morning coffee and mass volumes of pizza I should be fine. I might have to investigate the protein shake sometime in the day and a better alternative to the Cliff bar as well. So, here we go. Today I look at a Bicycle in my size and if it’s the right one, I’ll get it professionally fitted and then start looking for some Category 5 road races.


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