6 month official weight check + I climbed that hill…

In a few days I go in for the FAA medical. I will get to compare this with the one I got six months ago. In late September I was at 228 lbs, where the assistant subtracted 5 lbs for shoes and things. Lately I have seen fluctuations in the weight, with the low being 205 and the high 210. I am stepping up the exercise but the downside is that I am feeling more hungry. Of course I need to feed the machine but what is the issue. I worked with a crew that had to have a donut a day with their coffee and I sort of fell in with that. It was something nice to do for the moment but I just can’t do that too often. When I exercise I need to make sure it’s for that hour of cardio plus core/leg work.

So I went out on a nice day that wasn’t too windy and climbed the hill. this hill was with the Boulder cycling Club ride I did last fall. I was down probably 7 to 10 pounds by then and there was a climb in there. Well the results of my work are in and I dropped a minute off last falls time. It was 6:something and now it’s about 5:12 for the climb. So, the exertion felt I think the same from what I remember last fall. I do know that comparing the two rides, I felt like I could burn a little bit and just sustain that for much longer. That is the goal here. Power output for a duration. Can I maintain more power for the same time every time? I did not let myself redline. I saw a heart rate of 184 for a little bit but that’s not the max 191-192. I would like to hang the heart rate at 180 and be able to leave it there for a long time while pressing on….and that is what training is for. Sending the air to the muscles so they don’t burn so much. Training the muscles to absorb fuel faster (recovery) and burn it more efficiently. That’s the intervals.

I am also looking at replacement bikes. Selling what I have and getting the same thing just in a size down. I don’t want to do this but a new one would have the best version of the frame and would be the keeper for many many years….but would also take another $500+ out of the bank. It is tax season and if the union contract passes there will be some money available but I really can’t count on that.

Next step is the medical, bike purchase, and I do have an upcoming entire week off as far as I can tell so I do plan on forcing the weather to be nice and go ride most of those days. Also there are club rides for Saturday and that Tuesday night as well and IF I wish to, a mountain bike ride on Thursday night, even tho the bike I have needs to be re-shocked with newer bits. We shall see how it goes.


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