Weather broke. People are coming out of their caves. Cycling season is here.

Last week I had a work layover in my town. So I went home and got on the bike. 22 miles of a nice simple loop and I felt strong. Just under 17mph average for the whole thing and I didn’t try to do it but I set a few personal best segment times on the STRAVA application.  It was very good to get out on a bike that was working well for the most part. The best part about this, is that I saw improvement. Where in the fall I would bust out a max effort on some specific segments just to see what I could accomplish at that time (sort of setting up a beginning frame of reference for later) I could equal that time now without getting out of the seat and without that max effort. I would like to think that this is from more than just weight loss. since I’m down 30-35 pounds now, I am seeing better things. For example yesterday I am eating fewer Tums than I used to, and I am finding myself having to step up the free weight..ummm…weight a little bit more in the exercise rooms. This is a good thing and is that next step of notivation. Seeing progress makes you believe in more progress. “Wow it really is possible!”

Two days later I got home from my trip, suffering through a difffering series of naps through the night until mid-morning at home. I rode the bike that afternoon and just felt “off”. It was a fatigue issue. I got my cardio exercise in but that was really it. I just did the required exercise and there wasn’t as much excitement in it. For the most part, that was a scenery trip. but, it set me up for the next ride. I am now looking for some hills since I have some kind of endurance now, I can do that.


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