Repetition of the nothing. Readying for something…

February’s point was to prove we can’t control out plans very well. there is always something coming. for me, it was another setback in weather (in this case just pure cold) but also when the weather was good for that one day, the cable shifting the rear derailleur broke…inside the brake/shifting handle. I had to fish out the little inch long frayed cable and then thread a new one in and through, re-adjusting the rear mechanism again. Once done, it was time to put the bike away and continue with my family activities. Also, another back thing after that came into existence and just screwed things up royally. I swear to god I had a slipping disc occurring in the middle of the upper back. I was doing Yoga stretches for a straight back and nothing was helping. Well, the cobra pose seemed to do a little but in the end, a pair of extra strength Tylenol tablets zapped the pain and it really didn’t come back. I have no idea what caused that but it is gone now and This week I was able to actually get a good workout in. The past two weeks saw me on the trainer inside twice. In the hotels with the back issue I was able to do some leg exercise but really that was it, nothing cardio based.

I have a nice book on base building for the cyclist and it makes a lot of things clearer. It is extremely difficult to go out there and NOT hit it hard. To really have a great cardio and long lasting powerful engine, I need to train the fat burning range of heart rate. I have been outside that envelope for a while and need to pay attention to it. If not, I will just train myself to burn carbs and ignore the fats. That is the endurance power, especially when you can use both combined for power and endurance. I need to dig deeper into this book and I just might see some results. Weight loss goals have been set back by the months events. I’m at 207-209 lbs now with not much change. Understandable. when the weather gets better this will change a lot and things will get good. I have some hope.


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