Working on control.

I left for work at 213 lbs. in socks and boxers. Not going to work wearing just that, but when I weighed myself I was….oh never mind. I will return home at 210 I know it. A full lunch bag of the finest meats, wraps and yogurts accompany me. What I need to do now is control myself in exercise. We all do. Just because we can hit huge power outputs or use huge spans of heart rate doesn’t mean doing so is beneficial. There is a point called Aerobic. I know, I know, Aerobics is all about leotards and big 80’s hair. Well they had to call it something besides ‘Jumping and bending things’ right? Working an aerobic range of the heart rate burns fat and exercises the heart training it to fill your body with oxygen much better. Moving up past that is called Anaerobic. That’s where the body stops burning fat and burns the energy in your muscles…Lactic acids result and your fat isn’t touched. ‘Feel the Burn!’ said the big 80’s hair girl. Basically, If I want endurance and power outputs that last and recharge and recover quickly, I need to stay in the Aerobic range and lightly sprinkle with intervals of high intensity. Train the body to deliver the blood better. Train it to recover faster between intervals. It’s all good. It all takes some discipline.

So controlling myself. I’t almost forcing ‘slow and steady’ as the way instead of getting the most work done as possible for this session. Slow and steady will improve long term power on the bike. It will improve the cardio fitness. It apparently will show bigger gains instead of going hard. We shall see as I work this angle of the program.

I have also sent out two emails to see if there’s a coach that deals in amateur people that can help the program work around my limiting schedule. Maximizing my time with whatever equipment on hand. Elipticals with strides for midgets really do not work for me…but if that’s all I have then I’ll have to do something. We’ll see what organization I can come up with.


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