Back on the horse. Recovery.

MSP bike

Today’s victim is a TRUE stationary bike with, of course, the pedal straps missing from both sides. Again. My back took 9 days to get better. I really think it was either a light sprain or a severe muscle pull. By day 7 I was moving some things around the house in a sort of “light duty” mode. I bought a budget set of replacement wheels to replace the well used mis-matched set on the bike. Truly, this old set of wheels will be the permanent trainer indoor set. I mounted the new rear tire and brought the bike inside and put it on the trainer. Just making sure it worked I climbed on and just spun a little bit. I could feel my back stretch out some and it wasn’t uncomfortable. I had other things to do and went to work the next day. At this point I had sore muscles. I was completely able to hoist my luggage into the overhead compartment and move my flight case around easily without pain but leaning over in a twist brings the soreness back in a position specific case. Arriving at my next overnight in Minneapolis, I stretched out on the floor, lightly twisting my back a bit to get a sense of where I am. Everything was good with zero pain. I moved next to the squats and then side lunges and then forward lunges. Everything was really going well so I got on the “bike”. Now, I have to calm myself down so I don’t over do things and get hurt again. I brought my heart rate monitor with me on this weeks trip to make sure the machines I used were accurate. I capped my heart rate at 150 and kept rpm’s up over 90 and I went as long as I felt good. Well It went just fine. I did an hour. I ran the hill interval program to whatever level that keeps me at 150 max and After that time I felt good. On the rest parts of the intervals I sat up and took a drink and felt my back stretch a bit but no pain. Just easy time. So I feel good again. 19 days after the 34 mile ride, I still feel like i’m starting from backwards. Until I can get more time in and see the cardio performance grow I won’t see any progress. The good news is that even after doing nothing and eating good food and ice cream, I seem to have lost a pound or two so my goal for the end of January will be to see myself under 210 lbs on all scales used. February can be a very good month for me.

The new set of wheels I will review soon, once I am able to actually ride them. They also have a new rear cassette with a wider gear spread. I wanted something to just pop on and go.



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