Training with terrible equipment…for the traveller.

I spend several days a week in different hotels for work. I fly to a new city every day and get to a hotel and I am confronted with this:

20131017_203912 The big momma seat. I’m not overweight. in fact the only way that this seat can be useful at all is if someoe actually needs a seat this big to support all of them while they cycle to health. I have no problem with that, but to get any kind of exercise, I need to be on it for a good while and honestly after thirty minutes, my legs hurt because of this seat. the top part of my hamstrings ached from trying to work around the giant curves. It wasn’t very soft either. That is really inconsequential compared to other issues of the equipment.

20140107_181939 This is a typical scene at half of the hotels I stay at. A recumbent. Eh, it’s what i have to work with. The seat moves back and forth back and forth back and forth and if i’m lucky the handles by my seat actually read my heart rate. I wonder why the handles up forward cant do that too. On another note there is usually a Tv attached to these things now. Being upright or recumbed (nice huh?) there is always a big challenge getting it to work right. Pedal first so it turns on, then choose a mode or go full manual. I choose n interval routine and it asks for all kinds of personal data. My weight, age, time duration, and then I drop my towel, stop pedaling to pick it up and that caused it to shut down and restart and I put in all of my information again. Blah!

20140107_181921 this wouldn’t be so bad really, I just have to not drop my towel. But then there’s the strap issue. 80% of all exercise bikes I use in hotels are missing the foot straps, or they’re broken so one pedal has a strap or they’re flopping on one end and in the way of the machine on each stroke. Regardless, this quite sucks. At least I could work on one-leg pedaling drills for upstrokes. nope. I have to spend more time training by mashing down on pedals now. I wonder if it’s a waste really when on a recumbent and missing straps. this is just general condition of equipment. If I were in nicer hotels, this wouldn’t happen. The average middle hotel thinks everyone wants an elliptical or treadmill experience. The bike in most cases is thrown in just to appease people….some places just have elliptical and tread-mils. The bike machine in Washington DC wont tell me my heart rate…I must be dead inside when I go there. As well as a host of other broken down decreped or poorly sized and designed machines to begin with. I am suffering through these to gain some kind of benefits.

At this point I am seriously considering a trainer consultation. All of the books and magazines with fitness programs to follow seem to base themselves on the reader having a 9-5 job or at least a steady regular schedule with weekends off with regularity where you can actually do these plans. I do not. I can’t ever have that in my career. I go out for 4-5 nights a week, come home for 3 days average then back out again. If I’m lucky I can get 2 rides on a real bike while I’m at home. But, a perfect week for me would be 3 sessions at work hotels and twice on the bike at home with 2 rest days a week. I need to know what machine to pick depending on what they have available and what to eat before and after using those pieces based on how much sleep I got the night before…sometimes I don’t sleep too well in the wrong time-zones and beds. I truly don’t know where I’m at in a routine except that whatever I do, I do a lot of lunges holding free-weights to do more legwork and then if I have to, an elliptical or a bike. I would say 100% that one of those things is in the hotel, but using them for max effect is a problem with the variable schedules and sleeps.


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