State of the union and goal potential.

weightpicjan514See here? this is the new year. This is the scale in a hotel in Hartford, CT. I started back in September 1, 2013 at the purple tab. That was roughly 240 lbs. Being six-foot-three I have always carried weight well but at that point it was spilling over into my face…and over my waistband into the lower part of my shirt. I was starting to mufin out pretty good. From Thanksgiving to the new year it was a difficult time with the affore posted illness and schedule and temperature issues but I still managed to get another five pounds out of it to show, today, what the scale says is 215 lbs !! I am happy but I know that my performance on the bike is still woefully lacking especially if I want to be somewhat near average or better by spring. Just as an idea, If I were to be competitive next fall in the cyclocross season, I would expect to not be any lighter than the orange tab of 180 lbs.  That would be an optimum race weight for me if I were to seriously dedicate myself to this. As another idea, the yellow tab shows what a Tour De France athlete weighs in at with my height. (anywhere from 155-170 for the talls.) Also know that they have a negative body fat number and genetically unbelievable unicorn magic in their veins.

A TdF end-game is not my goal. I will never be that. There are a lot of people who want to be that and delusion themselves into elitism behavior based on their multi-fonted jersey collection somehow equaling their greatness. I, on the other hand want to have the best performance I can have and let that speak for how good or awful I am. Either way I am happy with that as long as I get to enjoy riding and making friends as well as letting my competitive self out of the travel bag once in a while.

180 pounds. I was once 180 pounds. I didn’t do so well in college my first year and the punishment was to work in Alaska cutting and packing fish for a month on third shift (8pm to noon). No matter what I ate, I lost weight. Four meals a day including peanut-butter smeared stacks of pancakes and rice and various meats and what not. I still lost weight working 16 hour days. Returning home i was 180 pounds. I didn’t have any real muscle on me and I had no idea of what body fat I wore but that’s what I remember. I don’t remember abs or quads or anything. I mostly remember minor carpel-tunnel and a very sore back for the next month or two. I could see that weight again if I really work hard at the nutrition and muscle building in the right areas. I will also see a lot of changes in breathing ability and power output as my legs won’t be trying to move my fat out of the way. I have already noticed when i’m in the handlebar drops that an extended hard interval yields my legs in the way of my breathing….my stomach was sort of in the way. Now, not so much and I can stay in the drops for longer. Another note: I read an eye-opening article online about how much of a difference weight makes in climbing a hill. Assuming two riders have identical wattage outputs and bikes and aero, there will be a 6 second difference for every pound heavier the other rider is for a twenty minute climb. The example was rider 1: is 160 pounds and climbs a 7% grade in 20 minutes, rider 2 is 180 pounds and will finish the climb 2 minutes behind given all other things being equal. This also makes a difference in cruise speed on flat ground in reducing slight rolling resistance but also improves aerodynamics as the fat me isn’t being pushed anymore.

We shall see what January brings as I hit it hard this month in the hotels and on the trainer at home. I’m also trying to start the box jumps with the current routine when there’s enough room in the hotel facility so  my big head isn’t hitting the ceiling.


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