December. Mismatching the days and health.

All of December was a period of warm days and super cold days and work days. Let’s not forget the sick days. If I was at work, it was sunny and 60 at home in Colorado. If I was home, it was crazy windy or 5 degrees or both! A week in the middle had a sick family. the day I was to ride coming home from work, I had to go pick up the little one from school and the next day she as not well so while the wife worked, I missed riding to take care of her. I did not have a problem with that. How could I pass up the relaxing and rare moments of coloring. I’m serious.

So, given the deplorable conditions of the equipment in various hotels, and sometimes the complete lack of time to even do any exercise on some of those days, I was not making any progress in the physical cardio machine. I rode my bike twice and rode on the trainer once. The other sessions of exercise were in hotels. I may never get that pedal stroke close to continuously circular at this rate. December illness and schedule was not working together.

I did loose 5 pounds somehow in all that even with the holiday cookies. 213 says my bathroom scale. I did think a lot about the next steps and plans on how to get there.


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