Post Thanksgiving

The day after. Everyone is shopping. That kitchen mess, if you haven’t done anything about it, is still there. The wife is shopping with her sister. I wait. My sinus cold is subsiding nicely and all I want to do is go on a nice ride. Well, I do have to wait for her to get home to watch the kids while I do that. I finally get to use the GPS system and put that information to the Strava program. Then I can start to see a picture of what I am accomplishing. I’m very happy that I did not totally overdo it at dinner like the rest of america does. I heard somewhere that the average Thanksgiving dinner is 4,000 calories or so! I think I did just fine keeping my plate at a respectable 2,000-ish.

She’s home! I ride! I saw 189 beats/minute as a maximum heart rate it sensed at any time. I don’t have a power meter but Strava did some sort of calculation that seems appropriate. I, a forty year old, rode 11 miles with a heart rate average of around 150 and a power output the whole time on average of 140 watts. I would have done alot more distance but by the time she got home from the shopping, I only had about 5 minutes of usable sunlight left. I am plugging away now, even in the holidays to get all of those figures to more impressive levels over time. We shall see. More rides when I get home from my next trip, and of course there’s 19 deg. and snow in the forecast for that time. We shall see.


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