2 weeks went by, Oh what a funk I fell in.

A perfect storm hits. that storm being bad weather and broken equipment and a terrible schedule PLUS company re-qualification! Oh boy!. Lets review: First the bad weather happens where it is freezing or raining pretty cold making any ride nasty beyond just dressing cold, I would have been soaked and washed off the road. I know people ride in that but i’m no masochist when it comes to cold to the bone rain and I’ll tell you what, if you can ride in it, you must be a dedicated competitor or you have no other alternative in how to get to work. So, i stayed in and took care of the family and laundry because…I have a suck schedule this month. The work computer behaved badly and through various formulae, assigned me reserve. so I sit in a hotel room and wait to be called to cover for sick or out of position pilots. The benefits to this are, minimal distraction and an exercise room all mine every day. The cons? Broken equipment or they actually use me and I’m off somewhere with minimal sleep or rest time to use the facilities at the other hotel. Being tired makes it hard to get up and exercise that’s for sure. Let’s see, broken foot straps or cycling programs in the machine that don’t do what they say or there’s no place to put any water! Grrr. At least I have the simulator proficiency check to look forward to. Right?

 Into a $20+ million dollar full motion simulator box at Flightsafety International I go. I prove I’m good enough again this year to keep doing my job and I have yet to register that I don’t have any more stress to worry about until next year when I do this again. I still feel like I should be studying. Well not anymore. I have some riding to catch up on! I did get one ride in last week but I had to cut it short and go home, change, and then pick up a sick little girl at school. 17 miles or so I think. I also had a birthday and am excited. Thank you WIFE! I now have a Garmin 800 cycling computer mounted to the stem! Hert rate monitor and cadence detector and all that good stuff. If I ever feel rich Ill pick up a power meter that it can also detect, but honestly until I have a good monster cardio machine, training with power won’t do me any good. I need that base to work from. I’m done spending money on bike stuff. I now have what I need to get the job done this winter and next year. See you next week as I burn off all that turkey!


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