Nov. 11, 2013: Birthday = Serious starting line

I am officially 40 at that date. Right when the weather gets a bit “poor” shall we say. The schedule has been terrible this month. The wafe was to have a surprise B-day party but when the work computer shafted me in scheduling, it took away any possible day for that on the weekend. I came home from 6 days out at work on the DAY of my birthday. I had a nice dinner. I had nice family time. I scored a nice Garmin 800 cycling computer from my wife, and a helmet mirror from my nearing-5 year old daughter. I’m set. Now, I have to power through the work stress as I get ready for my simulator event for work, (I have to prove i’m still good enough to keep flying for them) and study, but also keep exercising If I have some time to do that. I can assume they don’t use me while i’m on ‘reserve’ waiting for others to be sick or fatigued and take their place, but the reality is they will use me and I will loose that exercise time in the hotel. That’s how it’s been turning out. I get some where and then the stay is so short or I am so worn out that sleep is the best option. I’m hoping that next month is better at this point.

But, I start right now. I have a year to get over this and work hard. Even if it’s an elliptical machine built for the stride of someone three-foot-eight, I’ll have to use it if that’s the only option. There will be a post dedicated to crap machines coming up I just know it.


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