30 Oct. 2013: Revisions, numbers and 28 miles.

I have enough of them to do at work. Company books, navigation charts, etc. Today I can revise my actual weight and physical progress. I stood on the scale in Newark’s hotel this morning in my work outfit ready to go at 223.4 pounds with my cell phone in my pocket, belt and shoes on. Rounding up, I have lost 17 pounds. I feel more upright. The exercises are heavy into cardio yes, but the leg work acts with my lower back muscles a bit and I feel myself throughout the day standing up easier and not feeling tired later in the day as much. The kind of tired that makes you lean on things, or slouch around anyway, and I just feel better overall now about myself but that doesn’t change what things hang over me that I need to get done. In the past I had to get a FAA medical to fly the plane. I have been watching that blood pressure stabilize at something like 116/90 but back in September it was 110/70. My diastolic dropped something huge from this somewhat slight change to diet and I’m sure the exercise is fixing it.. Sure there was a two week period I was in sort of a funk. I only did the bike thing once in the hotel each week, but I did some basic squats and lunges a few times so I didn’t completely quit. There just was not much cardio until a week ago. When I hit the hotel bike again I was remarkably feeling better than before. Then I finally got on the real bike after rain and cold kept me off of it for 20 days! I layed down just over 28 miles averaging 16.5mph until the rest of last night’s chimichanga told me I should stop and go home. I was going that way anyway so take that chimichanga! (You were so good!)


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