Travelling for 4+ days of work again. How do I eat each time without destroying the progress?

There are a lot of people travelling for work. Sales and representatives. All of them have to eat all week. It’s too easy to go to the Denny’s or Friday’s or Flingers next door to the hotel or eat whatever is at the airport. I bring my own food. I have to because eating out every day is really bad for you, but I can also save a car payment every month bring my own stuff to work. It’s simple really. Pack what you need, and buy a blue headache bag from a pharmacy to hold the ice in. that goes on top of the food keeping it all cold in your lunch bag. You can too take that through airport security! As long as you don’t have any liquids or gels in there you’re fine. Bring sliced meat and wraps. If your company has a rental car for you then hit up a nearby grocery store for yogurts and fruit. There are solutions, you just have to spend an extra five minutes making them happen. Here is what I bring on a 4-day trip:

4 greek Yogurts with fruit on the bottom (because if in original flavor they’re about as nasty as licking gym-socks)

Big Ziplock bag of Almonds. (I eat a handful of these mid-morning or mid-afternoon before dinner if I’m feeling a bit hungry, but never more than that.)

Half pound of roast beef and half pound of Turkey or chicken slices.(try to get lean. Should be about 6 slices=1/2 lb.)

Bag of the mid sized whole wheat wraps. (They equal about 1.5 slices of bread each. They have a better flavor too and pack nice and flat on top of everything making more space,)

3 foil packed tuna salads (or you can use foil packaged tuna itself. I just like the salad. These work great on post work out recovery on a wrap, especially the flavored ones)

3 Campbells bags of soup. I don’t eat these too often but carry them in case I’m hungry. They’re chunky and taste great and microwave in the bag in 2 minutes. Drink out of a coffee cup)

4 cliff bars (or similar energy bars. You can go for protein but I find that not as necessary since im not building mass. Im building endurance I just need fuel and recovery + potassium.)

Some instant oatmeal packs. (They are nice to have in spots where the restaurants are closed in the terminal and im just hungry without a microwave around. Add hot water to half a cup)

That’s about it. I do a Yogurt plus fruit (Bananna I try) in the morning with a coffee. About an hour later or so I eat handful of the almonds, then a slightly early lunch where I have a wrap of meat. I’m in the hotel after that or in the early afternoon I’m on my way there so I eat a cliff bar so there’s something in my stomach for the exercise I’m about to do when I get to the hotel. I follow it up with a tuna wrap. Later on there’s dinner. I can do a soup and another wrap (they can get boring if I just do those all the time) or that’s when I go for a lighter fare dinner somewhere hopefully around the hotel or the hotel itself. I lowered my fats and chemicals and upped my proteins and vitamins and electrolytes. I don’t have unnecessary carbs at wrong times of the day. Compared to what I used to bring this is a lot better.


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