Motivation – not just for me…

After I learn how to be in shape, perhaps I can learn how to write.

I am learning that the more people discover what I am doing, the more they follow through with what they are doing. I learned my father started Weight- Watchers around when my daughter was born earlier this year. He is now down 25 pounds! He has a ways to go but when the parents were visiting this summer, I could tell the difference and they noticed something was working on my end as well. When they left, we agreed we would both be alot slimmer when we saw each other again. My wife likes what she sees now that I have lost, by now, 17 pounds. She admitted that she is thinking more about healthier foods for not just when I eat but for the family and herself. That’s how it starts, a bug in the back of the mind. It’s something you consider when you decide what to do next. It wasn’t there before. I even tried a recipe at home one night that was good but lean and healthy. I can’t believe I was doing such a thing. It was kind of fun to do! I’m known for making good pizza and also eating good pizza. But cooking anything beyond awesome pancakes and food for a charcoal grill? Not me. no way! And here I was making baked chicken Parmesan. My father in law is now working on the Exercycle he has at his house. They always had it but it held alot of clothes for a while. Once in a while one of them takes to it but he is beginning again. that is good. I’m sure what i’m doing will help a little. My wife is trying to get more stretching in and on occasion if it’s nice out does a quice 30 minutes or so around the neighborhood on her bike. A nice Trek cruising bike. That is so great. My older daughter wants to go ride with me too but I have to explain just how fast I will go and how I need this big ride to get in better shape. I will still ride with her around the block or to the playground because getting the kids involved in what we all do, helps them understand us better, and not feel left out. Lastly, I tried on my interview suit I bought and was tailored for in 2003. I fit. With a few more pounds I will fit like I did 10 years ago. This made me smile quite a bit and I know that I am on my way. What troubles me is the jacket part of the suit felt loose and baggy. I am not sure if that was the style then or if I just don’t have the upper body muscle I did back then. I was moving alot of freight boxes every night of my life then but I wasn’t ripped or built or anything in the arms, I do know that the 51 pound television in the garage feels suspiciously heavier than I remember it used to. I think upper body muscle mass probably has something to do with that. Either way, I think a trip to a tailor might be in order when an interview comes around for the next, better job.


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