8th Sept. 2013: A demonstration of wasted energy.

My first ride out on the Cannondale is eye opening. I rode 11.2 miles in 43 minutes. It would appear I am 25% more efficient in speed along the same route as the K2, but the other details the ride log shows is that I am twice as fast as my mountain bike on climbs and about 50% faster on descents. The total difference is 12mph vs. 15mph average speeds. I will be picking up the pace as I get better in how I approach climbs, general technique and gain more endurance, especially when I lose more weight. (I have since picked that speed up to the mid 16’s over 90+ minutes and will write about that before long) Oh, I can hear the wind noise. That was different. I did not hear that on the mountain bike. I know now that a certain wind noise equals twenty miles per hour or more…that’s something to shoot for. The road bike is so much better to use, but I am discovering physical limits once I hit an hour. The back starts to feel tired and I start to lose a bit of energy from the legs. This is where I began to look at further hydration and eating while riding. This bike can go a long ways and it’s got the ability to do whatever I need it to do. It is stiff for power transfer up hills should I need that. It’s got a slightly higher bottom bracket (crank set) in case I wanted to pedal around corners that aren’t too sharp for the purpose of, let’s say, a criterium that needed to be raced next summer when I’m in better shape. Whatever I need to do, the CAAD9 can take me there with flexibility. It will go as fast as my engine will.

What’s the biggest difference? Occasional waves from other riders. I never got that on the mountain bike no matter who it was. I was thinking of selling that mountain bike but I am having second thoughts. It wouldn’t cost too much to re-shock it to something more air oriented to work even better off-road but really, what time do I have for that? Another energy waste is the accessbility of road bikes. I open my garage door and ride and end the ride at home. With a mountain bike, i put it in/on the car, drive 20 minutes or so then get out, ride it only an hour, put it back in/on the car and drive home having only an hour ride. the road bike saves me 30 minutes over that and I get 50% more exercise. I don’t see many days the mountain bike will be ridden. I’d like to have more up to date shocks but it would also be nice to possibly sell it for a few hundred and start funding a cyclocross bike build. Did I just think that?


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