18 Aug. 2013: First ride just ain’t enough

It was time to get to work. I got back from my horrible headache trip and it was time to ride the bike. After all I had worked on the cardio for 3 hours this week and wanted a real bike and real scenery that wasn’t made up of pizza commercials on a TV in a hotel. I have a Mountain bike from my time back in the Northeastern USA. It’s about ten years old from when I built it up. Proflex was a great bike company with a great frame and then K2 bought them. They did justice to the design but also tried to get way too technical with some later products (Like science fiction piezoelectric shocks!) and it all blew up in their face. No one was interested. They went the department store route to generate fast revenue but the bike division never recovered. The name is now known as a past history box-store bike but the earlier frames are nice. This K2 evo is a very durable frame with 4 inches of travel front and back. I definitely tested that in the past on Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid where I left some skin. It didn’t matter to me what others were riding, I had to get it out. I hopped on and got moving. Even if this bike lets me be crazy insane aggressive like a skateboarder looking for something to grind on and Ollie, all I had to ride was pavement. I went out and rode a gravel trail around a lake near some apartments I rented when we moved out to Colorado three years ago. A few miles to the lake, around it, then back is all it took. I opened an app on the phone my friend Rob3 told me about and it showed 7.8 miles, 37+ minutes. I didn’t feel too worked over or anything and I knew there was a lot more left in me. I had a good sweat on but felt I had to go much farther. I had to get in an hour. I planned to hit the small town a few miles over and expand that loop a few more miles. I would do that tomorrow.

Where I stand: upright! Happy! However I’m going back out the next day to really get my real exercise and a feel for the area traffic.


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